The Laughing Loggers at CVEX‘Good as Wood’ Entertainment At It’s Best

3 Days of Nonstop Entertainment – Friday – 1:00, 2:00, 4:00    Saturday – 12:00, 2:00, 4:00   Sunday- 12:00, 2:00

* Old time logging skills * Modern day racing * ‘BattleAxe Lane’ * ‘Hall of Chain’ Carvers * Audience Participation * Spot prizes * Fun, safe & a must to do!

Logger sports at CVEXThis year CVEX is bringing an international act to town and they are ready to get you laughing like possums up pine trees!

The Laughing Logger Lumberjack Show will be performing daily at CVEX with its action packed and hilarious comical act.  As two likely loggers try to work out who is the best in the bush, they will not only challenge each other to an array of events as seen way back when and the modern logger sports arena, they will be sure to surprise you with their antics and desire to get one over their opponent.  These international performers can’t wait to put the smiles on your dials and it is a show not to miss!

If you are looking for your inner lumberjack or Jill, we’ll show you how by trying your skill at throwing hatchets with our Laughing Logger stars in the All New Battle Axe lanes. Our fully enclosed lanes will allow everyone to be trained by our staff to try their hand at throwing a hatchet and getting the top score.  Fun, safe and a must do.

Axe throwing at CVEXWant more; no problem!  In between the Laughing Logger performances our expert carvers from the ‘Hall of Chain’ will be producing all sorts of carvings for you to enjoy.  Sit back, relax, and watch the art fall out of the wood.

The Laughing Loggers will be providing CVEX with nonstop entertainment for three days, enjoy a show, throw a hatchet, or check out the art.  There is something for everyone – guaranteed!