KIDZONE Will be back in 2021

Schedule for 2019 is in progress, but will basically be the same as last year.  We are always looking for new activities for the kids and will be added to the list when booked.

There is plenty of fun to be had in the KidZone, for kids of ALL ages.

  • Farmer for A Day
  • Track ‘n Trail Kids’ Fun Run
  • Hay Rides
  • Cowaline Interactive Milking Cow
  • Farmer Andy & Joanna photo cut-outs
  • It’s a Trout Time Fishing Pond
  • Zucchini Races
  • Bounce-A-Rama
  • DoCo the Train
  • Face Painting by Cathy Corbett
  • Balloon tying
  • Go Dog Go
  • Petting Zoo
  • Building with antique tools

Farmer for a Day

Collecting the eggs at the CVEX kidzoneMs Cowaline at the KidzoneHave you always wanted to try being a farmer?

At the KidZone children have the opportunity to help Farmer Andy with the farm work. You can experience the picking of an apple from a tree, gathering eggs from a hen, and digging in the dirt for potatoes.

For an even more life enriching experience, try out the interactive milking cow station – Ms. Cowaline!



The only cost to entering the Track N’ Trail Fun Run is the regular entry fee to the Comox Valley Exhibition.  A parent or guardian signature is required to participate in this event.

It’s a Trout Time Fishing Pond

Trout Time at the CVEX KidzoneHey Kids – come on down to CVEX and try your luck in our Trout Pond. CVEX is having its 3rd annual Trout Pond, open to ages 6-12 for FREE!

We supply the pond, the trout, the gear and the teacher. There are over 300 trout for you to come and try your luck in catching one. Learn from the PROS to help you catch, clean and store your fish to take home with you for supper or release back into the pond for someone else to try catching it. Sponsored in part by Canadian Tire.  Fri 12-2  & 4-6      Sat 10-2  & 4-6     Sun 10-12  & 2-4

Clicking on the thumbnails below will open up a pdf file that you can print out
for your child to colour.


rabbit_coloring_small       llama_coloringbw_small       glacier_small

horsecow_coloring       marshmallow_coloring       truffle_coloring

sirneigh_coloring        mscowaline_coloring        lordscruff_small

farmbuddies_small        chicklet_coloring        charliekat_small

coloringpage_small                 llama_pjdressup_small