1. Comox Valley Exhibition consists of volunteers who work year round for no gain other than the personal satisfaction of staging an Exhibition that depicts the heritage of the Comox Valley. We appreciate your assistance in making the Exhibition a success. We invite everyone interested in the Exhibition’s continuing success to contact the CVEx office at 250 338-8177 for information on how you can volunteer.

2. The Comox Valley Exhibition is a non-profit organization and our purposes are to:

a. Educate and entertain the public with the diversity of agriculture within the Comox Valley by having displays of antique and modern methods and products, including value added products.

b. Provide a venue for the Comox Valley 4-H Clubs to hold their Achievement Day in view of a Comox Valley audience.

c. Provide a public showplace for all growing sectors; agriculture, silviculture and aquaculture, as well as for the hobbyist, home gardener and household to have their products evaluated against provincial standards.

d. Promote awareness of the Comox Valley agricultural products.

e. Provide affordable family oriented entertainment.

f. Educate the public in the matter of environmental protection as related to agriculture.

3. To assist other non-profit Comox Valley groups with their charitable endeavor by providing our assets at no cost

2017 CVEX Board of Directors
The 2017 CVEX Board of Directors


President: Mike Trimble
Past President: Andy Quinn
Vice President: David Parkinson
Treasurer: Kim Stubblefield
Secretary: Andy Quinn


Keith Currie
Brian Woods
Jim Lilburn
Wayne Morrow
Dave Stevenson
Heather Scarisbrick
Marion Oppel
Sue Johnson

Executive Director: Therese Schwab