KIDZONE is back for 2022

There is plenty of fun to be had in the KidZone, for kids of ALL ages.

  • Farmer for A Day
  • Cowaline Interactive Milking Cow
  • Farmer Andy & Joanna photo cut-outs
  • Bounce-A-Rama
  • Fun Swing
  • Face Painting by Cathy Corbett
  • Balloon tying
  • Barnyard Animals Petting Farm sponsored by Peninsula Co-op

Farmer for a Day

Collecting the eggs at the CVEX kidzoneMs Cowaline at the KidzoneHave you always wanted to try being a farmer?

At the KidZone children have the opportunity to help Farmer Andy with the farm work. You can experience the picking of an apple from a tree, gathering eggs from a hen, and digging in the dirt for potatoes.

For an even more life enriching experience, try out the interactive milking cow station – Ms. Cowaline!


Clicking on the thumbnails below will open up a pdf file that you can print out
for your child to colour.


rabbit_coloring_small       llama_coloringbw_small       glacier_small

horsecow_coloring       marshmallow_coloring       truffle_coloring

sirneigh_coloring        mscowaline_coloring        lordscruff_small

farmbuddies_small        chicklet_coloring        charliekat_small

coloringpage_small                 llama_pjdressup_small