Come check out the variety of chickens, roosters, ducks, geese and turkeys at the red barn and while you’re there try your luck at our “Chicken Poop Bingo”  See below for details.

For those 10 and under who like to colour click on ROOSTER, print it, colour it, bring it to the Fair and enter it in the contest. Contest details to be posted shortly.


Think you’re a good bingo player? If Lucy the Chicken poops on your square, you’re $50 richer! Maybe you have a strategy like selecting a certain playing card with a particular number or arrangement on it; but this game is nothing like regular old bingo. We’ve ramped up the playing board, put a chicken on it and to win you only need one square…. Like any good game there is money to be won so bring your friends for a friendly competition of Chicken Poop Bingo and you just might be the lucky winner. Place your bets and have a laugh with proceeds supporting agriculture.



Cattle sorting is a fun filled family equestrian event for any level of horse and rider. It is derived from the common ranch work of separating cattle into pens for branding, doctoring or transport. The basic concept of the event consists of two riders working in harmony moving ten head of cattle from one pen to another in numerical order with a 60 sec. time limit. The winning team is determined by sorting 10 head in the fastest time or the most head sorted in the 60 sec. time limit. The events are promoted by the N.V.I.H.A. with regular sortings at Norwood Farm and again this year we will be at the Comox Valley Exhibition. To participate or info call

 Sat Aug 26 & Sun Aug 27 at 11am and 2 pm



Play Day Sat Aug 26  Barrel Race Sun Aug 27
All proceeds go to Tour De Rock

Each barrel racer will bling out a bra which will be on display for the weekend and worn either by rider or displayed on their horse. For more information contact: Kandi Wood – 250-923-3941


Come see the Comox Valley’s future farmers show their prize winning beef. These are the youngsters who will be putting food on our plates in the future! 

Thanks to our local farm businesses for supporting and encouraging our future farmers! The challenge goes out to all our local farmers to join in.